The Crazy Tilting Rear Wing of Zenvo of Zenvo TSR S!


Zenvo TSR S - The Zenvo TSR S is a kind of supercar which has a mid wheel from the small manufacturer on Denmark named Zenvo Automotive Company. This car series is being presented at the first time on March 2018 for the 88th Geneva Motor Show Event. This car also has a name called a potent supercar with the most extreme design and performance. As you know that this car has the crazy tilting rear wing which is very strange on the first look. Some people thing that it will give a good balance for the car, but the others think that it is the worst idea ever.

Zenvo TSR S

To get to know more about the crazy design of this car, please read the following explanation :

The Crazy Tilting Rear Wing of Zenvo

1. The Engine System of Zenvo

Like on the TS1 and TSR, type of Zenvo, this series has a 5.8 liter V8 engine system. This powerful racing engine can provide power up to 878 kW or 1194 horsepower. Then, it can also accelerate up to 100 kmh in the duration of 2.8 seconds only and the top speed of this car is 325 kmh. This engine also influences by the crazy tilting rear wing of this car. This wing is fitted to 1200 horsepower and it will make the car and the engine on the stable position.

2. The Outside and Inside Look

This car version has a totally cool inside design look, for a racing car like this. It is very comfortable inside with the soft chair. But for the outside look, it has a little bit controversial and it is all about the crazy tilting rear wing of this car again. This centripetal wing will induce the under steer and even make it unstable when turning around. It will be a dangerous car for racing or even for the normal use.

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The explanation about this extreme aerodynamics car always be the controversial thing to discuss. There are many conflicting opinions about this car and there is always the bad and the right side for everything right?

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