A Super High Class Car, The New Volvo S60


New Volvo S60 - Latest news emerged from Volvo with the release of its newest product named New Volvo S60, recently the manufacturer has announced the latest look of the car. At the same time be the initial construction of Volvo vehicles in the latest factory located in America. Circulating rumors are quite strong among automotive observers that the engine power will be in use the vehicle ranges between 250 and 400 Hp.

New Volvo S60

Here are the details you can know from the latest Volvo products :

A Super High Class Car


On the machine that will support the work of this car has three options you can choose the machine T5, T6 and T8. As for the power of the lowest engine option that is T5 can produce a power of 250 hp, then on the machine T6 this machine can generate power of 316 Hp. In the last option this car has a power of T8 that can meet the power of 400 Hp which became the biggest power of several engine options that you can choose.

2. Exterior and Interior

The exterior of this car, especially on the lights have a sleek style by using Thor's Hammer lights. On the front of this car using a large position but still using an attractive design. As for the side of the car is emphasized enough to create the style of the car. For windows problems of the car, it is formed at a slight angle at the rear position and angles up to 90 degrees. In the interior of the Volvo has a characteristic that is HVAC ventilation on the center console, while the dashboard, backrest and rear passenger area is not too changed from previous versions.

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For the price of the 3 options the machine is in peg between $ 35800 to $ 55400 of course the power of the machine that will be used can you choose according to your needs. Some news mentions this edition car will be released in mid-2019, of course, the release time may change according to the policy of the manufacturer.

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