Greatest Electric Car in the World, The Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy – This one electric car is the best-selling electric car in Europe, electric car which was introduced in 2012 was developed in 2009 to get perfect results. The Renault Twizy experienced its first debut on the home country of the French manufacturer. This electric car into a car with a seat that is functioned for two people only. This comfortable vehicle is very friendly with the environment because it does not pollute. But unfortunately his vehicle is cloned by a Chinese automotive company.

The Renault Twizy

Here are some details of the electric car :

Greatest Electric Car in the World

1. Machine

This vehicle is very easy to drive even for children aged 14 years can easily use it. To fuel this vehicle using a Lithium battery with a charge time of 2.5 hours, as well as charging a battery that has been using Lev 2 charge. The speed that can be achieved from this car reaches speeds of 80 km per hour.

2. Exterior and Interior

With a very sleek vehicle design and easy to control this vehicle of course can be used all ages. The extent of the rear luggage can accommodate some of your luggage, especially in the winter months you can bring warm clothes. The color of this car in the dominance of clear and bright colors that illustrate the impression of light. In addition to this environmentally friendly cars of course also become energy-efficient vehicles, as well as charging the battery is quite fast.

The car by moving with electric power will usually move quite slowly, but the assumption is successfully blended by this car that can go at a speed that is high enough than electric cars in general. In addition to saving this vehicle is very easy for users because it has the capacity to accommodate enough luggage even almost equal the trunk of conventional cars in general. Many positive things that you can feel by using this car certainly in addition to efficient and easy maintenance.

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