Most American Off-road Classic Car, The International Scout!

The International Scout – In Indiana, there is one manufacturer called International Harvester. This company had operated for 19 years, from 1961 until 1980. This type of company’s products are Full size SUV and off road car with 2 door SUV type and 2 door pick up truck type. One of their product is the 1980 International Scout Car, which is an off road vehicle type. This car was produced for a rival for jeep cars which at that time was very popular.

The International Scout

To get to know more about this classic car, here we are sharing the details about it :

Learning About The Most American Off-Road Classic Car

1. The Outside and Inside Look and Design

This car is a really unique classic car but with strong design at that time. It has a big brown model on the exterior look and the roof of the car can be lifted up so it can take 4 people to go. It has a great sound with almost clear voice with 3 inches strait pipe. This car was being called as Big Ugly with its front box that is converted to the camper on overhead bed. There is a read which is adding the windows and tie it down to compete with off road jeep car type.

2. The Great Engine System

This car has a great engine system at that time because it can be a really fastest truck ever. All of the users of this car is still amazed with this car’s power with great plowing, ad wheeling for a great highway driving at that time. Besides, it has a great suspension too for the bad terrain. So, it will not get stuck even you are in the rocky roads.

For the explanation of the specifications about the interior look, exterior design and the power of its engine, you can conclude that this car is really an amazing off-road classic car at that time, even now. But, the biggest problem in this car is the very rare parts because the company had been stopped for a long time ago and it will make the repair has an expensive price.

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