Ultra Luxurious Design Of SSC Ultimate Aero XT Twin-Turbo

SSC Ultimate Aero XT Twin-Turbo – The SSC Ultimate Aero is a kind of mid engine sport car which is produced by The SSC North America Automobiles Company (or it is usually called as Shelby Super Cars). This car company had been produced as long as 7 years, from 2006 until 2013. As long as its debut, this automobile company had been given the fastest production car title by the Guinness World Records from 2007 until 2010. In 2013, the Guiness World Records made his appreciation was disqualified on temporary times because it had an electronic speed limitating changing for the car’s function.

SSC Ultimate Aero XT Twin-Turbo

One of their car production is the 2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT and here we are sharing the details of this car :

Ultra Luxurious Design of SSC

1. The Great Engine System

This car has the V8 type of engine with the 7 speed triple clutch transmission. It will make the 1300 horsepower and the 1004 rpm of torque. This car’s top speed is 273 mph and it is included in supercars with coupe body style. It also have the cooling system on its engine and also a fuel delivery system. However, this engine needs a pair of turbocharges for pumping in tons of pressure.

2. The Ultra Luxurious Design Look

The exterior design look of this car has a two tone paint scheme which can not at any time seen before on any Aero and it will never be seen at any new Tuatara. For the interior look, you will get A / C, the power mirrors and the power windows, the tilt steering, a 7.5 inches LCD screen inside, a 10 inches speaker premium stereo system completed with a CD and DVD player. Then, it also has a fully rear time view camera completed with a navigation system inside.

For the explanation above, you can conclude that this car has really ultra luxurious design look from the first sight. It will make you has a really nice car with the great speed. This car’s price is starting around $750.000 until $850.000.

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