An Unique Honeycomb Panels Body on Saleen S7 Supercar

Saleen S7 Supercar – When talking about the speed of course you’re talking about a super car, and talking about the super car you would have known a Saleen S7 Sports Car. A car with super speed is of course a sports car in the shaman with Twin Turbo that has a characteristic voice that roared when in use with high speed. Surely when the sound of the car starts to roar you can make other cars around you jealous of the cars you have. Having a high speed is the main feature of a sports vehicle that is supported by a very muscular engine.

Saleen S7 Supercar

Here are the details of the car you should know:

An Unique Honeycomb Panels

1. Machine

Cars with a high speed of course definitely require a very supportive components of the car in terms of engine, car weight and other parts that improve engine performance. This car uses a V-8 engine with engine capacity reaches 7.0 liters with this engine you can create a speed of 750 Hp. The actual engine of this car is a machine that is designed for racing cars.

2. Exterior and Interior

To maximize engine performance some parts of the car should greatly support the performance of the car considering if at the time of the car at runway with high speed. The car will be highly prone to damage if not matched with a device that is better equipped for such speed. Honeycomb on this car deliberately created with a very unique model is not without intent, other than as an air brake on the car while doing braking, as well as the balance of the condition of the car.

A sleek body and a large engine will greatly support the resulting power and performance in the car. Of course this will be very influential. But do not ever try a car that is not in support with a capable speed device to balance the speed of the car with excessive speed. Because you do the same thing you destroy the car you have.

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