The Super Fast New Lamborgini Aventador Car

New Lamborgini Aventador Car – Manufacturers of Lamborgini have released their latest product The New Lamborgini Aventador which will be ready to hit the market of sports cars in the near future. With the latest engine in the V12 planted on this car even many sources say that this car will be the fastest. With a slim body capsule and engine that allows this car drove at a very high speed on the highway, some even say able to drive through the speed plane. Of course it is very excessive but in some conditions the latest variant of Lamborgini does have a very high speed from previous versions.

New Lamborgini Aventador

The following specifications of the latest variant :

The Specification of the Car

1. Machine

The latest variant of Lamborgini is an upgrade from the old version with a new engine that is the V12 with a capacity of 6.5 liters which became the car has a power of 730 horsepower. That with the difference with the increase of 39 horsepower from the old version of the machine. And the addition of some security systems such as system start or stop automatically. With this latest engine allows this car to be the fastest on the way through the highway with the sound of a typical high-power engine.

2. Body is Slimmer

Of course not all the changes contained from this car can be discussed because of the lack of sources and information about it. For business body on this car vehicle has undergone some changes on the rear wheel steering. This is intended to offset the speed of the engine so that this car can go with a lively on the streets. In addition, the rear of this car is made shorter to keep up with when on the corner, because it is widely in the know this car is not too great on the corner.

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The latest variant of the Lamborgini manufacturer is inspired by several endangered animal species. There are some who become very influential on this car that some animals have shouting and speed in moving. Which is very inspiring in the manufacture of this car because the engine sound of this latest version has a distinctive sound.



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