The Mitshubishi Pajero, It Can Fit Anywhere and Do Anything You Want!


The Mitshubishi Pajero - Mitshubishi is a car that produced by Mitshubishi Motors Company from Japan. This company began to produce in 1996, then in 1997, they are beginning to export their car out in some countries. There are many name for this company from others like Nativa from Central America, Shogun Sport from United Kingdom, Montero Sport from North America, and G Wagon from Thailand. Because of their popularity, the company make assembly on China at 2003. One of their best car production is 2015 Mitshubishi Pajero.

Mitshubishi Pajero

Here we are sharing the details of this car :

A Car That Can Fit Anywhere and Do Anything You Want

1. The Specification of This Car

For this type of Pajero, it has many of changes and additional stuffs inside the car. The important one, it has more space room inside the car to make the seats feel spacious and relieved. But, the disadvantage of this car is about the interior design. Even it is well equipped with many new stuffs but it does not look luxurious enough for this kind of car.

For the exterior design, this car has a manly design for your comfortable use on road or off road terrain. It has been proven the reliability in the bush too.

2. The Comfortable Engine System for Your Driving Experience

For the engine system, it has the comfortable engine to adapt for balancing between a good terrain or a bad one. It has 3.2 liter four cylinder common rail direct injection turbo diesel engine which has the solid engine as always. This speed reaches 147 kW and produce 447 Nm to make the balancing speed ever. The fuel used of this engine is 9.0 L / 100 km with its auto transmission which is designed to be excellent with the full sized 4WD car.

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For the explanation above, you can conclude that this car it’s worthy enough to take your family on the road with a comfortable feeling. This car type always be favorite car for the caravanners with the 300 kg of tow ratings completed with the electric brakes.

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