An Extra Expensive Supercar Ever, The Lykan Hypersport !

Lykan Hypersport – Ever heard of Abu Dhabi police using a super vehicle in doing its job, the super vehicle became part of the Abu Dhabi police force would be a very surprising thing considering the power of the car is not an ordinary car. Cars that have a price of $ 3.4 million is indeed a sports car that is at a level quite different from ordinary cars. With a very fantastic price as well as Lykan Hypersport has appeared in one of the famous movie that is Furious 7 when the scene skipped skyscrapers.

Lykan Hypersport

Here’s the details of the car with the fantastic price :

An Extra Expensive Supercar Ever

1. Machine

The Lykan Hypersport uses a twin turbo flat engine with a 3.7 liter engine capacity and has 770 horse power and 708 pound feet of torque. Surely this car will greatly facilitate the local police force to arrive anywhere and anytime with a very fast time. And also can pursue criminals in a relatively short time, is still questionable use of sports cars in Abu Dhabi police is a symbol only or indeed really work according to his duties.

2. Exterior and Interior

Some vehicles with super performance is in use to complement the police fleet in the country. For exterior and interior you certainly do not need to ask more about the design and the ability to support performance and engine performance. In the interior position of this vehicle is equipped with all-digital equipment for easy access and control of the machine.

By using a car with a super quality will certainly make the police of other countries jealous. Its formidable performance and powerful engine will surely make it easier for members of the country’s police to come to any area without taking much time. when using this car then the speed is what will speak, of course if the vehicle is not stuck in the jam. But beyond that we all know that this country many use other luxury cars are also in use by their police.

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