The Best Handling FWD Car, Lotus Elan!

Lotus Elan – Surprisingly enough news comes from Lotus Elan which at the beginning of its appearance in some time ago showed the chassis framework of this car made of fiberglass. It is apparently still maintained by this car manufacturer for several decades and became the hallmark of the car. A car that weighs 680 kg has one weakness that is less in the know by many people that is in the position of the steering is less than perfect. However, it successfully covered well by car manufacturers by further improving some important aspects that reduce the effects of the imperfect steering system.

Lotus Elan

Here are some details you should know about the car :

The Best Handling FWD Car

1. Machine

The engine used by the car uses technology one step ahead of the car of the same type. This car uses a DOHC 1558 cc engine and disc brakes on all four wheels to ensure the best braking when something goes wrong. And also equipped with the racks to complete the shortcomings on the steering wheel. And on the wheels there is an independent suspension to reduce the impact when passing the steep streets.

2. Interior and Exterior

On the exterior of this car using a chassis made of fiberglass monocoque material and its engine is made of 100% aluminum material which aims to improve melting point. In order not to be damaged when the machine has a very high temperature pressure that can melt the iron. In the body of the car is designed to be fortified with a fairly thin color around but seen to add an exotic style to the car.

Although not experiencing some significant changes from the model that has been released in the last few decades but certainly there are some changes in the technology and security. This car can be said to consistently maintain its trademark in the last few days. But quite a lot of news says that this latest edition has excellent quality on its handling part.

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