Most Beautiful Car After The E-type, The Jaguar I-Pace


Jaguar I-Pace - This time the car will be discussed is The Jaguar I-Pace, car that carries this type of suv has not been discussed by many media. The initial design of this car has come out a few years ago at the Los Angeles Auto 2016 Exhibition. Of course, different from the output this time from the manufacturer Jaguar is the car that will be released this time is an electric car, we should know is Jaguar automotive manufacturer is one of the automotive factories that part share in experiencing the era of electric cars a few years ago. It is not surprising that this manufacturer issued the latest issue of electric cars, of course suv type.

Jaguar I-Pace

Here's the details you should know from the electric car :

The Latest Edition Electric Car From Jaguar

1. Machine

The machine that will be carried by the car to be in release is not much different from previous versions. Namely the engine in the form of a pair of electric motors that blend in the rear wheel of the car, which aims to maximize the power of motion in the electric car. A pair of electric motors can generate power 394 horse power, and able to climb to a speed of 60 mph in the span of just 4 seconds at the time of rest

2. Exterior and interior

As a car that uses the type of SUV, this car belongs to a car that has the longest charge that can accommodate several passengers like a car with a diesel engine. And to be the longest electricity in its class, of course it is not too surprising given that the Jaguar car manufacturer is one of the innovators. In the development of electric cars some time ago.

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Electric car is one of the innovations in facing the global era given the fossil fuels are getting thinning. Electric car is one of the answers in the process of combating the problem of global warming that began to impact on everyday life and also contributed in reducing air pollution from vehicles using fossil fuels. Of course the vehicle is also your solution to make savings given the increasingly high price of fossil fuels today.


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