The Classic Military Car, Hummer H1!

Hummer H1 – Hummer is coming from Detroit, United States, precisely located in the area of Michigan. Its company name is ‘General Group’ which was purchased from the AM General on 1998. At that time, they had produces 3 cars, they are all the third types of Hummer H1. One of their best car is 1998 Hummer H1 because it is a kind of classic military car which can survive well on the very bad terrain. This car is super awesome with its military reflection, it is called as the real fearless beast.

Hummer H1

To get to know more about this car, let us take a look for the explanation below :

The Classic Military Car of Hummer

1. The Most Powerful Fighting Force of the Engine Systems

Hummer is well known as a tough car and also dependable car at that time. With the GM Duramax LLY 6600 V8 turbodiesel engine system, it can hit the bad terrain to accompany the military members at that time. The power of this engine is 304 ps and has 502 lb feet of torque. The transmission of this car is using the Allison LCT 1000 5 speed automatic while the power that he made is 45 horsepower.

2. The body look and the interior style

This car is well known with this three variants, they are a convertible such a soft top car with a four door hard pick up car, and the Wagon body look version. They also known as the two doors pick up truck type and the four door slant back type. This car has the unusual stuffs like inboard brakes and the geared hubs for allowing the drive train half shafts on the top of the car to make a clear view.

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For the interior design, it has the CTIS or Central Tire Inflation System which make the driver is enable to decrease or increase the tire air pressure. Then, it has an alumunium beams and panels inside.

Overall, this car is really an awesome beast because it has a higher torque with the lower gearing ration combination. Unfortunately, this car had stopped on manufacturing since 2006. This price of this car is $129.399 for the open top and for the wagon is $140.796.

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