The Coolest Super Car In The World, Gumpert Apollo !

Gumpert Apollo – Gumpert is a car that is manufactured by the Gumpert Sportwagen manufaktur Automobiles Company. This automobile company started to produce in 2005 and it was being closed on August 2013 because of the bankrupt. Their production is about the sports car which is designed by Roland Gumpert and Roland Mayer. This 2009 Gumpert Apollo is one of the sport car which Gumpert Company has and it is produced in Altenburg, Germany. This car version of Gumpert has the most coolest and supercar ever in history.

Gumpert Apollo

So, to get to know more about this car exterior look, interior design look, and the engine system, read this following explanation :

The Coolest Super Car In The World of Gumpert

1. The Pretty Engine System

This beautiful car has a pretty well 4.2 liter Audi V8 which make a turbocharge power supply to the engine system. This type of engine has its power model for every type of Apollo model like Apollo, Apollo Sport, Apollo Race and the last is the Apollo Speed. All their engine are available with three kinds of output : 650 horsepower with 627 lb ft of torque, 700 horsepower with 645 lb ft of torque, and the last is 800 horsepower with 664 lb ft of torque.

2. The Perfect Combination Design

This type of Gumpert has the special look from the inside or the outside. It has the perfect combination design between the Germany engineering art and the automotive art. It will make this car’s look is unimaginable stunning and beautiful. This car’s design has the natural mimics of the world because of the perfect details on every stuffs in this car. With the styling theme on this car, it makes this Gumpert type so fresh and can give an inspiration for the other engineers.

For the explanation about this car above, you can conclude that this car is super awesome and the coolest car ever for sport car type. The exterior body look is awesome and you can not find any car defect outside and inside the car. For this best specs, this car’s price is starting around $390.000.

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