Adding a 33 Percent Power, The Fiat 500 Has More Power!


Fiat 500 - The latest series of Fiat to inaugurate the newest vehicle that will soon enliven the automotive market, The Fiat 500. By using a machine that has the power to reach 135 hp with engine capacity reaches 1.4 liters. The car with this tiny shape certainly makes it has its own appeal for you. With a relatively small body does not mean this car has a small engine too, this is because some time ago the manufacturer has announced to change the engine with a faster engine type and more fuel efficient.

Fiat 500

Here are some details of the car that you should know.

More Powerful Engine System

1. Exterior and Interior

Having a relatively small size is not an obstacle to provide comfort for the driver and passengers. In the interior is equipped with touch screen infotainment with a size of 5.0 inches on the dashboard. And on the exterior especially on the body kit of this car and on wheels using wheels with size 16 inches. To support the performance of the machine the wheel is considered to be a suitable thing to use on this car.

2. Machine

Not yet known exactly the car with this unique and funny shape using what kind of machine. Of course, although it has a small shape, but this vehicle at some time ago has added the strength and power of the engine with the aim of speeding faster than the initial version of release. Performance machines that can be quite good in its class makes this car more powerful than cars of similar size.

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Cars that have a small size is not just we can underestimate, because before knowing the machine and the type that the vehicle is using. This car also dismissed some doubts for power problems generated from this vehicle. In addition, several other devices that support the performance of the engine of this car will be very calculated in contributing to the performance of the engine.

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