The Fast Four Door Sedan Car, The Dodge Charger Hellcat!

Dodge Charger Hellcat – Dodge is a kind of car’s brand which is producing a SUV car, MPV car, and pick up car that is marketed by the Chrysler Group. The Dodge company is coming from Auburn Hills on Michigan, United States and it is called as the Dodge Brother Company. This company has been established since 1900 and it began to operate in 1914. But, this brand had been sold to Chrysler group at 1928 for several reasons. One of their best car is The Dodge Charger Hellcat because it has a really fast speed with its four door sedan.

Dodge Charger Hellcat

Here we are explaining all the details like the interior looks, exterior design, and the engine systems :

The Fast Four Door Sedan Car

1. The Specification of The Fast Four Door Sedan Car

This car body has an awesome look from the outside because it has a very fresh and striking color. With the new low gloss black standard 9.5 – 20 inches wheels and the light weight 5 deep alumunium, it will make the exterior design so awesome. Then, the badge of its car has been redesign with a brighter logo.

For the interior look, it has the same design with the last generation of sedan. It has comfortable seats but with no additional seats, it is just the same like before.

2. The Speed Engine System

The engine of its car is really awesome because it has 717 horsepower of its speed. This engine will make you never fail to chase any hurry occasion which requires high speed with the 6.4 liters hemi V8 engine. Besides the 717 horsepower, it has the 650 lb feet of torque with the eight speed automatic transmission. This combination will make an incredible mix to make the car go as fast as the wind.

After the brief explanation about this kind of dodge car, you can conclude that this car has the most faster speed sedan ever. But, It still has a lack on the interior looks that does not have any additional seat or technology. This car’s price is starting around $52.490.

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