The Chrysler Crossfire Roadster, It Will Really Make Your Day!

Chrysler CrossfireThe Chrysler Crossfire is a car that has two seats that can be classed as a sports car, whose development of the prototype leads to the Mercedes-Benz R170 as it is a production join car of two automotive manufacturers. This car has several early generations that release in advance with some designer turnover certainly quite affect some car version of the beginning. As for the current version of this car combines several forms and fix the weakness of some versions ago. Initial prototype of this car has been out during a motor show in L.A a few years ago.

Chrysler Crossfire

Here are some details of the car you should know:

This Car Will Really Make Your Day

1. Machine

For the kitchen problem runway that is used by this car more leads to use 2 types of machines that are both type V6 of course have different versions. The first version of the V6 engine degan engine capacity reached 3.2 liters and 3.7 V6 engine that has a stronger version of the previous machine. This machine is the same engine mode in use on some sports cars.

2. Exterior and Interior

Startech Chrysler Crossfire

Unfortunately this car often escapes from media monitoring and reviews in some news sources were very rare to find. Even for more there is a saying that this car is a car that was created by Mercedes. But it is actually a production join between the two manufacturers although in the design and body it is more directed to the Mercedes.

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Not much information about the car is quite difficult for us to review and discuss more about what is in this car. Surely it is not free from the lack of information sources and too many rumors that develop in the community. Had experienced several changes to the designer makes this car has some differences in previous versions. Although all these things have been successfully overcome with the latest version that has been released some time ago.

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