The C8 Corvette, A Super Engine Car

C8 Corvette – Some rumors have spread that time ago that the Corvette manufacturer plans to build a new model car. But what makes the rumors busy talking about by automotive lovers is about the engine that will fill out the car that will be in this release. The C8 Corvette will bring the latest V8 engine despite a factory refusal to issue more details about what will be carried by this car. Although there are other speculations that say the engine will be much more power-full than the busy reported at this time.

C8 Corvette

Here are some details of the car that we can summarize :

Details Latest Cars Corvette

1. Machine

V8 engine that will be used to fill the kitchen runway of this car with a power reaching 700 Hp. Certainly this latest Corvette car has the ability of a fairly capable engine to be driven at high speed. Although the information is still a few small parts only. The manufacturer still has some official information about what it looks like and how the car is, even in some ways seemingly covered up to its official announcement.

2. Exterior and Interior

For exterior and interior design problems of this car is still a lot that has not been disclosed to the public in detail. Some time ago on a still there are only 2 photos that describe the latest shapes and models of this car. Surely it can be said very much to just say how and what kind of car will release next year.

Maybe for the car lovers, this manufacturer must be a little patient waiting for the results of official announcements from the manufacturer. Due to the lack of information and news circulating, some media only provide speculation later that will be used on this car. While the factory is still the machine that will be used. More details of the V8 engine that will be used in the automotive market today.

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