A Locomotive’s Torque Speed Car, The Bentley Bentayga v8!


Bentley Bentayga v8 - The Bentley Motors Limited Company is a top maker of luxurious cars and sport cars based in Britain country. This company was founded since January 18, 1919 in England by W.O Bentley as the founder (he is well known as W.O only). This company was located in Cricklewood on the North London and this company has gotten the award for winning the four consecutive wins on 24 heures du Mas from 1927 to 1930. But, in 1931 this company had sold their factory to Rolls Royce because of the high demand for the expensive car. At last, the Volkswagen Group bought this factory in 1998. One of their best car is named as The 2019 Bentley Bentayga v8.


Bentley Bentayga v8

Here we are sharing the details :

A Locomotive's Torque Speed Car

1. The Interior Features and The Exterior Look



This Bentley’s car type has some additional and new features on its interior design look and the exterior look. It has the adjustable air suspension, the LED lighting, the 20 inches alloy wheels, a 10 inches speaker audio systems, voice commands, and the SD card place. It also has the panaromic roof top and the 8 inches touch screen completed with the navigation which make this car more cool with the technology.

Besides, it also has a gloss black trim on all around the exterior look. It makes this car has a gentle look and so awesome.

2. The Great Engine System

For the engine system of this car, it has 8 cylinder engine which exhales through the engine exhaust tips. It has the powerful V8 engine which has a twin turbo charged 4.0 liter V8. So, it has 542 horse power on 6000 rpm with 568 pound feet of torque. Then, it has a wide band which stretch between 1960 rpm and 4500 rpm.

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For the explanation above, this car has a turbo power engine and because of its engine speed, this car is called as a locomotive's torque speed car. This car’s price is around $165.00.


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