More Stylish Look With Aston Martin DB11 AMR


Aston Martin DB11 AMR - Aston Martin DB11 AMR comes to complement the existing version of DB11. The most crucial problem issue of the product version is because there are many that can not be used to improve the performance of the car. If you are centered on this part of course this will burden the rear car. In the new car all the weaknesses have been resolved as best as possible to improve the performance of the car, and on the car part has provided some parts to support and correct the shortcomings.

Aston Martin DB11 AMR

Here are some of the latest details of this car :

More Stylish Look on Aston Martin

1. Performance

Improvements in this car are mostly done on gears that are made as best as possible to improve engine performance and support. For business machines on this latest version of the car uses a twin turbo V12 engine model with a speed up to 5204 cc. And able to travel speeds from 0 mph up to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.

2. Exterior and Interior

On the exterior of this car is made of monochrome material that has been in the puree to make it possible to look smooth and come up with the best shape. As well as the design of the exterior is really enhanced by adding extra power to the engine with the AMR badge to increase the attractiveness of this car. In the interior of this car does not feel better than the version of the page.

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Some improvements made from this car are only used on the exterior, engine, and some weaknesses that are lacking in the old version of the car. Cars with this version will be priced at £ 174,995 more than the price of the old version of this is considered worth the more interesting style of this car. For the time of release of this car is still not specified by the manufacturer. But, wait for the release of this latest car will not be long again, but the certainty of the time that has not been specified exactly.

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