The Most Light Weight Car, Adamastor P003RL Latest Sport Car!

Adamastor P003RL – The car that will be reviewed this time is a luxury sports car coming from the country of Portugal, maybe the product of this car is less well known by the sports car lovers. Cars that have the name Adamastor P003RL though less known but for quality problems and speed of this car can not be underestimated. Even for further this car can be equated with other famous brand sports car. But there are unique things that are not owned by other sports cars, which is on the chassis of this car has a unique shape. The car is a tubular frame with a tub made from aluminum.

Adamastor P003RL

Here’s a detailed explanation of the car coming from the country of Portugal :

The Most Light Weight Car

1. Exterior and Interior

Cars are made with a fairly light weight of this will be very supportive when the runway with a fairly high speed. Despite having a very light weight this car has a very impressive speed in support with its light weight. For interior problems that will be used to complete your comfort when driving a car is still no source that can confirm the truth and still a rumor.

2. Machine

The engine used this car is a Ford engine that uses 4 cylinders with 2.0 or 2.3 liter engine capacity even some other sources say the machine will be carried from this car is V6. V6 engine that will be carried this will have a capacity of 2.7 to 3.5 liters. Of course with the transmission mode that you can choose either manual or automatic.

Despite the lack of information about this car but from some information above you can determine and judge that this car can not be underestimated. Despite having a lightweight body of course the lightweight body will greatly support the performance of the machine to achieve its highest strength. And the most unique of these cars is the different body designs of the sports that most have almost similar designs.

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