A Super Awesome Car, The 911 Turbo S!


911 Turbo S - The 911 Porsche is a kind of sport car which is produced by the Porsche company. The 911 model is well known as the popular car production that Porsche company produce and it became one of the most legendary car for all the time. This car first generation (1963) has an unique construction because the engine was located in the rear. There are many type of this 911, they are Porsche 911 GT 1, Porsche 911 GT2, Porsche 911 GT3, and the new one is The 911 turbo S. This new generation must have the best technology rather than the last generation.

So here we are explaining about this car details :

911 Turbo S

A Super Awesome Car of 911

1. A Super Awesome Engine System

This super 911 type has a super awesome engine system which can produce 27 horse power, more higher than the standard Turbo S which add the 607 power to the engine system. This power makes this car’s type has the most quickest car ever on the 911 type version of Porsche. This engine type is the new 4.0 liter 911 GT3 which is running on the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup of two tires. It can make 205 mph at 2,8 seconds only, what an superfast car!

2. The Design Look of the Car

The new features of this car is about the body details which use the carbon fiber and it is a very special body skin for this kind of 911 car. The line stripes of this car are exposed on the roof part and the hood, all with the carbon fiber. The special weaves are located on the whole body of the interior look. This car’s theme is the multicolor carbon fiber for all the instruments on the trim panels.

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For the explanation about this 911 type above, it has so many new features based on new technology and it will make you comfortable on driving on the fastest car ever in Porsche history. This car’s price are quite expensive, considering the specs that they offered, which is about $162.850.

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