A Super Manly Car, The 2019 Mercedes Benz G Class

The 2019 Mercedes Benz G Class – The latest model of mercedez with a classic but muscular style and the specification of 4 WD cars capable of bulldozing all hills and terrain are difficult. According to some sources of the 2019 Mercedes Benz G Class most still retain editions of some of the previous cars. But in some ways this car manufacturer has made some serious changes in some sides. As on the front of this car has left some parts of the old version such as hydraulic steering and some suspension controls as well as power steering systems for power on the vehicle.

2019 Mercedes Benz G Class

Here are some changes to the latest series :

1. Machine

Talking about a car that has muscles or that is always in touch with a man would highlight the power of the engine that is able to pass through various heavy fields. The latest series of Mercedes Benz uses a double turbo with a V8 engine with 9 speed automatic. G 550 carryover V8 engine with 4 liter capacity can generate power up to 416 Hp. Of course with the power of this kind of machine will greatly help you through the heavy terrain, especially if you are an off road lover.

2. Suspension

To support the performance of a machine that has the ability to bulldoze the road that has a high difficulty requires a suspension that must be adequate to support engine performance. This car brings 20-inch wheels or you can choose with a larger size that is 22 inches of course equipped with tires capable of supporting engine performance. Besides the classic design of the exterior of this car would also support the performance of the car because the release with a fairly slim body, while for the interior problem has not much information about it.

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Cars with the ability to melibas difficult terrain of course all aspects of the car must be support the performance of the car. Because some devices that are in the car must support each other to become a great unity to bulldoze the heavy field. Components that support to create the best performance on your car should you learn and understand not to choose wrong.


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